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Crystal starter pack

Crystal starter pack

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Crystal starter pack- each pack comes with information about how to connect with your crystals, cleansing charging, grounding your own energy ✨

ideal if you’re unsure of where to start with crystals 

Includes the following crystals to start your collection

💎rose quartz - love , self love , emotional healing , creates a loving environment in your home , carry with you to feel the benefits or place in the room of your choice.

💎clear quartz - the master healer , clears all our energy centres and amplifies the energy of other crystals, carry with you to clear your energy or place where you are drawn to within your home to feel the crystals benefits.

💎amethyst - calming , balance’s emotions & highs and lows, carry with you to feel the benefits or place by your bed for a restful sleep

💎citrine - creates luck and abundance an ideal manifesting stone , carry with you for good luck or place in the wealth corner of your home which is the far left hand corner

💎 selenite small wand- mental clarity , angelic protection & connection , can be used to cleanse & charge other crystals by just placing the crystals on our around. Place the wand on your chest while relaxing to gain clarity , also aids a restful sleep

💎hematite - a powerful grounding stone, grounding is the process of sending any excess energy back down to Mother Earth, excess energy within our energy centres ( chakras ) can cause us to become or feel imbalanced , nervous irritability , anxious , by using a grounding stone we can earth these energies that do not serve us back out of our bodies back down into Mother Earth. Hematite dissolves negativity & protects

💎white sage cones- burn white sage to ease tension & anxiety , dissolves any negative energy within your space, the smoke from sage can also be used to cleanse crystals , simply pass the crystal through the smoke whilst holding the intention of the Crystal being cleansed , then charge on your selenite wand for 24 hours. 


✨please note crystals may vary between rough & polished crystals depending on what is stock 

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