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Sterling silver chakra balancing necklace

Sterling silver chakra balancing necklace

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Sterling silver 925 chakra balancing pendant on sterling silver 18” chain.

I am building a collection on the website that is just sterling silver jewellery to cater for my customers who have asked & I’m sure lots more will love the choice too, Some will contain crystals some will just be cute pieces, I’ll be adding to this collection monthly but you can search “sterling silver on the site to view the collection as it grows 🥰

Chakra balancing necklace

Benefits of Chakra balancing
Chakras are spinning wheels of energy located in our bodies and we have 7 main chakras ;
Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Solar plexus chakra
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Third eye chakra
Crown chakra
A disruption in the balance of your energies running through each chakra can manifest itself as an ailment or an emotional imbalance based on the area where the imbalance is most predominant.
Chakra healing items are created with relevant crystals / stones which provide support , correction & balance, and bear the colour of the chakra they should heal.
Each stone resonates with its own energy releasing a frequency that will "speak" to your chakra and calm any agitation or anxiety in your thoughts and spirit. The results are a more balanced mind , stable emotions , and a clear & calm aura.
Chakra healing items draw out negative thoughts and emotions , and clears any negative energy that permeates around you. Leaving you feeling full of positivity.
Blocked chakras often result in lethargy , manifesting itself in a sluggish approach to daily activities and life goals, chakra items remove these energy blockages , therefore allowing the life force energy to flow freely through your chakras for optimum health and well being ❤

Infused with angelic reiki healing & filled with positive intention to assist you in your own healing 💎

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