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Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite

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azurite in malachite. 

United as azurite-malachite, it is believed this mineral blends different traits together, freshens the user's outlook on life, as well as dissolving egocentric characteristics; dispelling conceit, arrogance, calming anxiety and enhancing flexibility in motion and thought.

Contains both properties of both crystals azurite being the stone of inner vision & insight , malachite the stone of transformation used for deep energy clearing , as well as these properties both together have the added effect of .... Broadening horizons , releases negative feelings detoxes mind body & soul.

Azurite is called the "stone of heaven." It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences. It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance prophesy and divination. Azurite is said to help control energy flow and bring just the right amount of energy to any situation.
Physically, azurite is professed by folklore and crystal healers to be helpful for healing in general, cancer prevention, liver issues, arthritis, joint problems, depression, anxiety. 

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