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Dream catcher key rings

Dream catcher key rings

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Dream catcher key rings 💜💎💫
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💎Green aventurine - The stone of success

Encourages creativity , promotes personal evolution and career. Helps rid of anxiety and fear by striking them towards their root. It helps us remain balanced whilst conquering our goals. It brings wealth abundance and good luck.

💎Red carnelian - The stone of passion

Opens our hearts to joy and brings positive thinking. Activates our positive emotions and invigorates our energy. Gives optimism,self confidence and sociability. It encourages us to discover our talents,pursue our goals and deepest desires. Strengthens leadership skills. Confidence & motivation


💎 Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, it emits the strong vibration of unconditional love, warmth, & healing. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion & peace, tenderness & healing, nourishment & comfort. It speaks directly to the heart chakra dissolving emotional wounds, fears & resentments & circulates a divine loving energy throughout the entire aura 💎

💎Amethyst - related chakra crown chakra our centre of spirituality & open mindedness , it’s a stone of spiritual protection & purification, cleansing our energy fields of negative influences & attachments , balances emotional highs and lows , dispels anger & rage, opens & clears our crown chakra to access higher wisdom 💎💜💎

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