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Mercury retrograde bracelet

Mercury retrograde bracelet

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Mercury retrograde bracelets 💫

I see mercury retrograde getting a bad rep , people fear it as things can appear to go wrong , but it’s actually an amazing tool for us , This energetic phase is nothing to be feared , a period of processing a period of reflection , it’s a time when I find I need to step back and observe. Ask yourself what’s worked these past few months , what hasn’t ?

Sometimes during Mercury retrograde, we can feel sluggish, make bad decisions, jump to conclusions, have communication issues, have trouble in love life, and so many other negative effects. Until you learn how the retrograde can affect your life, you will not be able to work with it.

When the planet nearest to the Sun is retrograde, it appears to move "backwards" (east to west rather than west to east) across the sky. This apparent reversal in Mercury's orbit is actually just an illusion to the people viewing it from Earth.

With this happening, it causes energy to flow differently, as well as it leads to many blockages impairing forms of communication, documents, and even our electronics. Usually by the time the Retrograde has ended, a lot of these issues will have worked themselves out, and a sense of normality will be reinstated, we emerge from retrograde with a new clarity like we’ve lifted dead weight , it’s not always easy to work through & we must ride the waves but it’s a massive reflection phase , like a check in with ourselves each couple of months to see where we are, we can be tested , old patterns of behaviour may arise to test our strength but we must stay grounded & know that it’s just an energetic phase that we can actually work with to enable our growth.

Be careful not to make huge life changing decisions during this time, Weigh up options , reflect , make big decisions later

Take this time to relax, reflect , take stock , heal old wounds, tie up loose ends and protect your energy.

Electronics may play up , if they do take yourself away use the time in nature to re connect, don’t stress.

Try not to get sucked into the negative bullshit that mercury retrograde is here to ruin our lives , we have people Instilling fear about it that makes us all worry and blame everything on retrograde , slow down , take stock if things are happening instead of saying why is this happening to me ask yourself what is this teaching me ,
Take salt baths , plenty of grounding , clear your space , no hasty decisions , if communication is going well , stay quiet , protect your energy.


Burn sage & Palo santo
Take salt baths or swim in the ocean to clear negative energy.
Hold off on starting any new projects.
Protect your energy
Meditate daily
Use grounding crystals & crystals for clarity & clear communication
Double check all your work.
Back up your computer and devices.
Tie up or cut off all loose ends.
Listen to your intuition.
Try not to take other people’s irritability personally.
Think before you speak.
Remember that everything that happens at this time is going to help push you forward, and give you a new set of skills or knowledge that will help you soon enough.
Remember if everything is always perfect there would be no growth there.
Even within chaos, there is a secret design working in your favour if you allow it.

I was guided to create these bracelets
Including all the crystals you may need

💫black tourmaline , protection for the energy field & cleanses the aura of negative attachments , grounding , eases anxiety. Ideal for empaths who feel energies deeply.
💫hematite - assists in balancing the mind body soul connection , grounds & protects , focus & concentration

💫lapis lazuli - higher wisdom . Clear communication during this phase.
Inner peace , clears the mind of negative thought patterns

💫green fluorite - clears the mind , deeper connection to intuition , emits peace & harmony , eases stress & anxiety , absorbs negative energy.

💫 pyrite - keeps us grounded connected & in the present moment , keeps us safe from harm

💫smokey quartz - helps us to vibrate at our full potential , cleanses negativity & protects. Helps us to let go of fear.

💫selenite - angelic protection. , clarity of mind , deeper connection with our highest self & our guides

Cleansed & charged to the highest vibration using palo santo reiki energy & sound healing , any creations including fluorite must be cleansed regularly as they are powerful at absorbing negative energy so must be cleansed regularly
Pass through the smoke of sage or Palo Santo & place on selenite stick to charge for 24 hours 💫

Happy healing

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