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Orgone necklace

Orgone necklace

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Powerful energy protection & protection from e.m.f’s

Orgone healing tools create a powerful healing effect by balancing the electromagnetic energies in our environment.
With so many electronic gadgets being used in the present day , phones , wifi , phone masts & the introduction of 5g , we live within a space of invisible electronic pollution which in turn affects our energy and the way we function. Some symptoms are irritability , fatigue , poor concentration, anxiety, & many more.
Studies on orgone energy have found that the way the items are layered up using a scientific strategy to balance negative energy that people's health was improved , plants grew better , over all physical & mental health was improved.
An orgonite item made from seven types of crystal chips, combined with metal shavings and resin & copper Orgonite is said to have many benefits and can attract and hold orgone energy (also known as life force, chi, reiki energy or prana). These items are beneficial to over all health & vitality.

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