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Shungite phone protection plate

Shungite phone protection plate

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back in stock 📱powerful EMF protection 💥🌪perfect for phones iPads tablets I also place one on my wifi router. 

If you are serious about your energetic & physically well being then these protective shungite phone plates are for you 💎💫💎

Phones, computers and other modern gadgets are the main source of electromagnetic radiation. And With the threat of more endangering technology looming it is essential we protect our well being. The invisible radiation we are living within is detrimental to our energetic & physical health, many of us already suffering without knowing that a lot of it is actually down to modern technology because we can’t see the invisible energy affecting us , it’s draining our life force energy leaving us anxious , depressed & manifesting as ailments in our physical bodies.

Todays Technology is everywhere and even though many of us are mindful , it’s hard for us to escape it all fully, many of us running business or working from our phones. With so many electronic gadgets being used , phones , wifi , phone masts etc even if we are conscious and try to minimise our phone usage we still live within a space of invisible electronic pollution which in turn affects our energy and the way we function. Some symptoms are irritability , fatigue , poor concentration, anxiety , depression , this invisible energy is around us all everywhere so many of us are already feeling it , this is why I’ve created these to assist us.

In order to protect ourselves better from these negative effects we can attach these to our phones or phone case. They create a protecting field around us and diminish the negative impact on our bodies. The great advantage of these creations is that they are very convenient in usage and can be easily attached to your phone or even your computer. The pop sockets double up as not just protection but easy grip for your phone & can be used as a phone stand.
These pop sockets contain a shungite round plate & hematite small stones for added protection.
They help protect us with the negative energy coming from both the phone and the the incoming negative energy around us.

The shungite plates contained in these are the upmost highest quality they have been sourced & created from my supplier where shungite orginates from. It is very important to me that all of my creations contain the highest quality crystals and are of the highest vibration to help us be protected , heal & grow 💫 crystals are for healing not just decoration 💫💎


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#emf #protection #shungite #plates #hematite #conscious #creations #laurasaura


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Fran Austen
Shungite phone protection plate

I am loving this item and when I get a new phone shortly, I hope I can transfer it

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